Paris – Day 1 : We’re back !


After a 30-and more hours long journey, 18 of them being delays, we landed in paris. And as everyone knows, landing doesn’t mean being home ! You still have to get through immigration, relatively fast because automated (with only 3 working machines out of 10, welcome back to France !), retrieve our luggage (phew, it’s all there !) and take the region train to the center.

But we’re fine now, we got back our winter clothes (because Paris is cold as hell, it’s quite a shock !) and we are resting (and working on the blog, too).

For those of you that are in Paris, we will leave on Monday morning, so we are available this week-end, text us :). After that, we will be (in that order) in Vendee, Doubs and Jura for the holidays, so if you are around, we can meet !

One Reply to “Paris – Day 1 : We’re back !”

  1. Profitez bien de Parus, faites vous coucouner et inviter
    Bravez le froid
    Il nous tarde de vous revoir

    Vous avez fait un super voyage bravo

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