Tierra Dulce – Day 6 : corn, cane and campfire

Today, last day at the farm ! The morning was calm, with books and watercolors after a breakfast of leftover crêpes.


The lunch was so cool that I’m going to give you the recipe, which is complicated to reproduce in Europe anyway.

  • Make a vegetable soup with potato, yucca, a small amount of blended onion-pepper-garlic. Leave to boil for a while.
  • In the meantime, peel and cut plantain, these huge green bananas that you can’t eat raw. You cut them in 8 and fry them a bit to make them mashable.
  • With the special local machine, you crush them to make mini-patacones (the normal patacones are from half of a banana so these are cute) and bathe it in beaten, salted and peppered eggs.
  • Fry the egged plantain again. It should bloat and turn golden. Then you throw it with the boiling soup !
  • During the last minutes, you wash a lettuce and get out the leftover curcuma rice.

It was delicious, and after this culinary moment, we will talk about poop again! Because in the afternoon, we helped spread dry straw with chickenshit in corn plants, while Daniel and Freddie were prepping holes for cane seeds tomorrow. Here, the fields are really steep, even we are only at 1400m, the soil is very clayey and since it rains a bit every day, it is gorged with water, very compact and hard to work. The other difficulty are the cows next door field. Recently, one of them entered a cornfield and ate everything (literally everything!). Today, they have to start over and even if the neighbors look nice, I wonder how relationships work here.

Finally, we played a bit a game called catch-a-hen. They were 5, eating yesterdays seeds after fleeing through a hole in the wired mesh, and they even went to pay a visit to the horses. Our old life from Toulouse seems very far away.

Tonight, we both walked to the local bar to buy beers and we will soon drink them around a big campfire near the house. It is our last evening at the farm and even if we are happy to go visit other places, we also felt very well here.

Kisses ! Tomorrow, when we have the internet back, we will send you a whole lot of news at once !