Tierra Dulce – Day 4 : glitter !

Today is sunday, no work ! We got up a bit later than usual, which means arount 8:00, because the days are really short otherwise. Breakfast was particularly late, generous and long, everyone was half-sleepy, it really felt like a sunday morning. The day was at the same time really long and really short, since we spent a lot of time lazing around, reading in the sun or watching TV shows (we left with a stockpile of them for these occasions).

We kinda like the landscapes around here…

At some point, Christina offered to go to the river. It was a short walk with the dogs, you just have to cross a field and arrive at the rocky bed of a clear stream. We dipped our feet, the weather was lovely , but we were surprised to find… gold ! Actually, it is just mica, she told us, but there is some gold too, and a few years ago, big companies brought big machines to dig big holes, clearing a bit of forest at the same time. They took the gold and left, but when we saw all these flakes in the water, we supposed it really is complicated to sort for them to leave that much ! Anyway it was really pretty and a nice stroll.


Around 3 pm we all felt hungry and Daniel proposed we went to the village to eat, so as to be even more lazy. We walked to the main road (dirt road, step over a stream or 2, cross 2 precarious bridges and a normal one, you’re there !) and a bit more to the local pub. It is the house where they had the party last night (we assume some people still hadn’t left). Some people come just to exchange news, vehicules, cigarettes… The bus arrived later than we thought, but when we arrived in town, the weather was still nice.

With the patchy free-wifi of the main square, we managed to send a small message to our parents to reassure them, we answered the tiresome mail from social security, insurance and whatnot, and ate a really classic meal. After a little bit of shopping, we thought to go back, but the storm started. Again, brutal, loud and everything. While waiting for it to calm down, we researched our next destinations (but we won’t tell you anything for now) and have some coffee on the main square (here, the umbrellas are for sun AND rain, and it is good stuff !)

Cup of coffee in Alejandria

Finally, we were so tired of doing nothing that we went to bed very early (there was a french pun here, sorry)