Tamarindo – Day 2 : beach day

Today was vacation day !

Yes, we took this picture just to make you jealous :p

Yeah, I know, we’re pretty much on vacation since we began the trip, but it rarely was just chilling. So we decided to do a more conventional day of vacation : going to the beach! As every vacation day should start, we started with getting up late, than breakfast and TV show(s). At lunchtime we still hadn’t moved from the hostel, so we went out to find some food.

We went to a slightly hipster restaurant (first place we’ve been where the staff members speak english to each other) but with delicious shrimp tacos and a great tuna salad.

After lunch we decided to fulfill the day’s goal : to go bathing (yes, that’s a very high goal, we know … 😉 ). So we went to the famous Tamarindo beach, with it’s fine sand and clear waters at 27°C (we’re not just saying that to make you jealous… or are we ? :p ). There were quite a few people there, mostly apprentice surfers, but it was still ok and not too crowded (good thing we’re still off season!).

So we spent the afternoon bathing and lazying on the beach with a cool American couple we met there. We also noticed something, or rather the absence of something : the sandflies! There are no sandflies here, so you can stay on the beach without getting bitten every other second!

This is not a postcard

At sundown we went back to the hostel, where we totally dishonored french cuisine by screwing up cooking some gnocchi (yes, they are supposed to be simple to cook, but with the equipment we’ve got here, it’s a bit of a challenge!). We also finished our rum bottle (that we had since Bocas del Toro) by making some Piña Coladas that we shared with other travelers around a card game.

The hostel pool has a inflatable unicorn!

And so we didn’t write the blog (and we didn’t write it the next morning either). So this post is like 24h late (and the  next one will probably be the same 😉 ), but we also have a right to vacation days (during our vacation :p ).

So that’s all, more news in the next post 🙂

2 Replies to “Tamarindo – Day 2 : beach day”

  1. Il ne m’était effectivement pas venu à l’esprit que vous faisiez autre chose que d’être en vacances !! Mais si , vous êtes en voyage, là est toute la différence.

    Bon des photos à nous rendre jaloux, vous en avez deja envoyé, mais celles ci sont à afficher devant un bureau pour les jours de blues, histoire de se remonter le moral en un clin d’oeil !!! C’est super

  2. P… !
    S’il fallait pérégriner 2 mois chaque fois qu’on veut aller à la plage sans se faire bouffer…

    Continuez à souffrir comme ça, on aime 🙂

    PS : ce soir, pot-au-feu… c’est de saison ici…

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