Exiting Nicaragua

Today was all about luggage and transports !

We went for a last walk in Léon with our friend Markus, had a fresh fruit juice and enjoyed the heat and the dust <3

Then, we took care of our bags. Since we are cheap bastards, we only bought one checked luggage. Tonight, we are flying low-cost, everything is a paying option, and the price of a luggage is about the same as the flight (so not much, but still). So, we played the luggage.zip game, using hammock-ropes, straps and hooks, to put together our two backpacks, shove all the heaviest stuff in another bag and measure it all !

I guess we did it right, because we have 17,6 kg of checked luggage and were allowed 18, not counting the protection plastic, helping the agents see that this is only ONE bag. We also had to check that the sum of length + width + height is less than 157 cm, because with retard units imperial system, nothing is ever a round number !

In Léon, we took a taxi-bike to the terminal (a guy pedaling on the back of a cart, the whole being covered for shade) and it was really nice and helped see the city in a different light. Then, a van took us to the terminal in Managua in 2 hours with the double-bag on our laps, and then, a regular taxi with a boot took us to the airport. We have been there a few hours, will be there a few more, but we have wi-fi, movies and cookies, and even fried chicken next hall !

We should take off around 2:30 in the morning (9:30 in France) and land in Florida in the morning, for a day of exploration (maybe) before another night plane takes us to New Orleans !

For those who want to follow the flights (because we know there are some) : tonight and tomorrow. Until then, X !