Sapzurro – Day 2 : beach and sunburns

Today is beach day!

First, we took a not very nice breakfast. Clearly, the local pastries were not from this morning (nor yesterday’s, for that matter). We were quite surprised to see many people already (or still) drunk at 9am, sipping some beer as breakfast. Maybe it’s because of the fiesta, but it seemed more like habit.

Well, that didn’t bother us, at least we were alone at the beach to do some snorkeling (it’s really a weird word, don’t you think?). So, we spend part of the morning and early afternoon exploring the coast underwater. We saw lots of fishes and some corals! It had rained a lot last night, so visibility wasn’t great, but the corals are like less than 2m under water, which is amazing!

We also saw some nice fishes (well mostly small fries, but still very nice). We even swam in the middle of shoals of tiny fishes swimming in total sync. It actually took us some time to understand the big orange rocks were corals. Here they’re very orange, a bit round and very pumpkin looking (well, the giant pumpkin fare ones). Coming across them in the middle of some algae is quite startling at first!

As we’re so gringos (and also because the best hour for snorkeling is around noon), we managed to get some sunburns (I swear Mom, I put sunscreen on, but it wasn’t enough!). Well, the sunburns are not huge, and it’s a change from the traveler’s tan (you know, the one that stops at the T-shirt!).

Before lunch we sought out the boat “captain“ that brought us here yesterday, because he said he might be able to get us across to Panama tomorrow. He confirmed he could take us tomorrow around 1pm, but as he was quite drunk, we’ll still look for him in the morning to make sure he doesn’t forget!

The almuerzo here is quite expensive, around 17000 (compared to the 7000 in south Colombia). But we met a cool German couple at the restaurant. So, we spent the afternoon lazing on the beach while training our German (great, as if we’re not doing enough linguistical gymnastic these days…). Right now, it’s nightfall, so we hurry to write the blog and charge the computer and phones before the electricity runs out!

If everything goes according to plan (as it always goes, of course :p ), we should take a boat from Puerto Obaldia to the San Blas islands Tuesday and stay there a couple days before going to Panama City (the exact number of days depends on how much is costs, as we won’t see an ATM until we reach Panama City).

As we already don’t have lightning fast internet here, we probably won’t have one in Puerto Obaldia and for sure won’t have one in the San Blas islands. So don’t worry if the blog is dead for a couple days.

That’s all for today (for this post too we’ll upload the picture whenever we get some real internet 😉 ). See you later, alligator!