Santa Fe de Antioquia – Day 1 : bus and vaccination

EDIT : And we are back ! After an amazing week spent in the Tierra Dulce Farm, where we didn’t have any internet connection, we’re back with a lot of new adventures to tell. So we just posted everything at once. To avoid missing any articles, scroll down to “Tierra Dulce – Day 1”.

After some really cool and chilled out 6 days in the farm, we’re traveling again. It was hard for us to leave such a wonderful place, but we also wanted to see new places.

Daniel made us giant pancakes for breakfast and we all said goodbye. We thanked them a lot for their warm welcome (and they said we could come back whenever we wanted 🙂 )

Today’s main objective was to get the yellow fever vaccination in Medellin, otherwise we won’t be able to get into Panama (and also probably have problems at the Costa Rica border). Yes, we didn’t foresee this, because you don’t need the vaccination entering Panama from France, so there was no specific notice on the government’s website. But if you’re coming from Colombia, especially if you’ve been to the exposed areas (like us in the amazing jungle near Mocoa), you need to have the vaccination certificate to cross the border.

So, as old habits die hard, we took the bus ! After 3 something hours (for again only a few kilometers), we arrived in Medellin. We got there some (very) limited free wi-fi (enough for a few searches, though not enough to work on the blog). We then went to the clinic to get vaccinated (well, after half a fried chicken because we were starving!).

The vaccination is quick and easy, and the staff was very friendly. They are 2 options :

  • If you want the vaccine for free, you have to come 2 hours before the opening (which is a 7am) to get in line hopping you’ll get one of the 40 free vaccines a day.
  • Otherwise, you pay about 17 euros, and they do it immediately

We decided to pay because we didn’t want to  spend the night in Medellin just to wait a couple hours in the early morning. And that allowed us to go and explore a new city : Santa Fe de Antioquia.

As expected, the one and a half hour bus took over two and a half (some tunnel was partially closed…). So we arrived in Santa Fe at night, but as it’s not very big it was easy to get to the center.

Santa Fe by night

For now we haven’t much seen the city (we had quite a lot of work to post all the articles from the farm!). More news (and photos) of the city tomorrow!

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