Salento – Day 2 : lazing around

Today was a well earned and needed resting day.

Sunset on Salento (yes, we did get up before sunset !)

We spent a (big) part of the morning in bed sleeping and watching series. Then we cooked ourselves a nice little (big) breakfast with scrambled eggs, bread and marmalade to get enough (probably unnecessary) strength for the day.

We weren’t completely lazy, as we also did some maintenance on the blog. As we said yesterday, the blog articles our now also translated in english, but we still need to translate the old ones, which we’ll do over time (if your english is good and you see some mistakes, please do correct us)

In the afternoon we decided to get some fresh air and went for a coffee (after all, we are in the coffee region !). We settled on a very nice (but also very hipster) coffee-shop, which had toilets on the balcony with a great view on the garden. The coffee was good (as we’re very far from being coffee experts, we can’t tell you much more about it), and there were some nice posters about the town facades.


Just before sunset, we climbed a couple of stairs (so we did burn off some the calories of breakfast !) to get a pretty nice view on the city and around (plus there were swings !)

Salento around 5:45 pm
Little is needed to be happy !

We wanted to go to a bar were apparently we could have played the local game (where you throw rocks at gunpowder piles that explode to eject them onto targets, or something like that), but the bar was empty so we decided to fall back to another bar filled with both locals and gringos.

The bar was very cool, with 10 billiard tables (yes, ten !), and a very mixed style, both local and very Texas-style at the same time. Mustaches, hats, bald chubby mustached barman, it really felt like a saloon, but the Colombian version.

The country music was missing, but other than that it really felt like rural U.S.A

After a couple beers we went to a restaurant to try one of the culinary specialty : the trout (either fried or grilled). It was quite good (although not mind-blowing).

That’s all for our lazy day before tomorrows hiking day (more news tomorrow night !).

P.S. : Speaking about trout, we were SUPPOSED to share one, but Ben ate (almost) everything…