Ometepe – Day 3 : let’s rest

Today, we did nothing. Well, we rested and organized, which are very important things to do, but basically, to travelers, is the equivalent of doing nothing.

Last night, rain fell. Poured. Heavily. Pounded the roof all night, with thunder and everything. And for once, we have real curtains, so we’re not lit by the sun as soon as it gets out. So naturally, today, we slept in ! Then we just enjoyed life, with a big breakfast, reading in hammocks, observing bugs and birds in the garden and so on.

Finally, we also looked at our options for when we come back. And we ran a simulation of train prices to see family in December, for one and the other, friends for new year’s eve… It’s a mess, and it also costs a bit more than buses in Nicaragua, so we will see what we can do. When we will know, we’ll post all the dates of our grand tour, promised. Note : it took several hours to run different combinations, itineraries, dates etc.

Then it was evening, the sun went down and set fire to the skies and we ate and talked with two very nice dutch ladies. We also went to bed early, as to not ruin our perfect resting day !

Tomorrow should be more adventurous. This post will be sent when we get some wifi (it’s a bit fluctuating right now).


Bonus : a picture of Ben in front of a lake !