New Orleans – Day 2 : rest

Today, we did absolutely nothing!

We still had a lot of sleep to catch up on after the 2-day plane travel (and the all-nighter in the middle), so we slept in late.

And then it was rainy and 7°C outside, so we weren’t really motivated to get out. Instead, we watched a few episodes, and mostly brought the blog up to date (don’t forget to read the previous posts).

In the evening, we went to eat in a very good Italian restaurant, and we walked a bit along Canal Street, but as it started raining a lot, we quickly got back to the shelter of our small apartment.

So, not the most exciting day, but sometimes you need to take a break 😉

P.S : we don’t have any photo from today, so instead here’s a photo from the front of a library in Léon, with a cool saying written on it (ok, it’s the small red text in the picture, so the eldest of our readers might have to zoom a bit 😉 )

“A kid that reads is an adult that thinks, an adult than reads is a kid that imagines”

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  1. Message pour Milan
    ” Hi Milan, we are very pleased ro see a foto of you with Ben, that’s very nice to have welcolmed Alice and he. you seem very well, we hope you enjoy your life in New Orleans.
    You always stay in our heart. Be happy
    Your ” french Family ” from Pont les Moulins

    Dominique and Christine

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