Medellin – Day 3 : garden and thunderstorm

Today was supposed to be quiet, but we ended up running anyway. It was fun.

Since most afternoon have bad weather, we reserved the whole morning for public transportation. Actually, Colombia is so mountainous that most big cities have cable car systems, and Medellin has three ! This way, when it’s sunny, tourists can have merry-go-rounds with panoramic views of the slopes, sometimes of forest (when it’s to steep), sometimes of new towers (when there’s some money), other times of half-slums (when there isn’t any).

After that, we went to the botanical gardens. We felt like going someplace nice, that would smell nice and wasn’t very touristic, it was free and shaded, there were 14 hectares, let us tell you, we didn’t see everything. The garden is beautiful, with real bits of jungle in it !

Finally, after some chicken (breaded and fried today, surprisingly good considering the campus-border-under-the-metro fast-food where we ate it), we saw the first drops of rain fall. We wanted to do some shopping close to the hostel, so we headed back (in metro). And then, the biggest thunderstorm breaks over the city center, with photoshoot lightning and really loud thunder. We were glad we were inside, but this time, the pouring lasted a while and we arrived at the hostel with soaked shoes. We waited a bit, went shopping (with our super sexy rain coats), boiled some pasta and are now wondering where we will go tomorrow !

Kisses everyone !


3 Replies to “Medellin – Day 3 : garden and thunderstorm”

  1. Quel suspens incroyable !!! Où serez vous demain ? En Australie peut être
    En tous cas, c’est dêja fou ce que vous avez dêcouvert en un petit mois

    Ici l’automne s’installe à grands pas


  2. Et pas de photos super sexy en cape de pluie ?
    Si je comprends bien, à Medellin, c’est beau temps le matin et orage l’après midi ?
    PS : en Vendée on profite des derniers soleils qui chauffent un peu

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