Leon – Day 3 : churches, rotundas…

Today, we finally visited Léon !

We started by leaving our hostel and migrating to our last accommodations in Central America. To celebrate, we booked something a bit more fancy than we’re used to, and it was a good idea since the last one had a shitty internet and tried to rip us off in the end. So now we have a pool, a lightning-fast internet and we’re close to the center !

The center, let’s talk about it. We finally visited Léon’s streets, which usually end up on a square and/or a religious building !

And like most cities we’ve been to, the central church (the cathedral here) offers, for a reasonable fee, an access to a nice viewpoint ! Here, we got all the way up to the roof, a white painted cement surface (don’t ask, we don’t know) and we had to take our shoes out as not to damage it ! It was weird but nice.

This way, we had plenty of views on the surroundings, with volcanoes everywhere and the parks, squares, streets and gardens of Léon !

The city’s atmosphere is nice enough, but it is always really loud around here ! There’s always a shop with loud music, honks, drums playing somewhere, a bike whirring or the bells of one of the numerous churches ringing. All this didn’t prevent us to stop here and there to observe the city or drink a lemonade…


After the walk, we encountered again a german traveler that we had met in Salinas Grandes, so we went for a few beers and a bite with him, after that, it was late !

See you tomorrow, X