Leon – Day 2 : last swim in the pacific

Today, we left the beach.

Ok, we did get to swim in the pacific one last time (and do the burning sand dance to get there), as we stayed there all morning. Waves were big, so our surfer friends were out (but we were like 5 people there, so pretty cool). And Alice did a new watercolor painting!

Last view of the Pacific

At 12:30 we went to the bus stop, as we were told this was the right time to catch it. After waiting 30 minutes, a local guy came by and told us the real schedule was 1pm. So, the bus came at 1:30pm, and we rode back to Léon.

The bus stop was quite calm…

In Léon we went to our hostel, then went out again to do some laundry, and then came back to work on the blog (we didn’t have Wi-fi at the beach). By the time we did all that, it was already night, so we got to the central park were there was some celebration (people with drums and huge figures carried by other people), but we don’t know about what. We took some tacos to go and ate in front of the cathedral, but we were a bit tired (and a bunch of teenagers were playing with loud fire crackers, which gets old after a while), so we went back to get a well-deserved sleep.

Léon by night

So, once again not much info about Léon, but we promise to take some good pictures for you guys tomorrow!

P.S.: don’t forget to scroll down to yesterday’s article, which we posted at the same time as this one, so you won’t miss the AWESOME VIDEO OF BABY TURTLES.

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