La Fortuna – Day 3 : unwillingly resting

Today, I have caught a cold [Alice], so we didn’t go to the long forest hikes including 400 steps to a waterfall…

Seems that my nose figured out that it’s November already. Maybe there’s a psychic connection between my sinuses and french weather, or maybe my body’s clock is stronger (and dumber) that I thought. Anyway, I have a nice big winter cold, with 27°C outside, which is weird. So we ended up sleeping late and making pancakes (in our great kitchen with decent pans that don’t stick), than watching shows in bed and when I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon, we went to a pool where Ben swam and I read stupid things online. A normal boring November afternoon (give or take the swimming pool).


As you can see, there are still clouds on the horizon. The volcano (in the picture, between the antenna and the church) is still invisible, although its slopes clear at certain moments. We still get blue skies and a warm but nice weather. And since I’m reaching this boring subject, I probably have told everything that had to be told for today !

Hugs (from afar) and see you tomorrow (which should be much more interesting !)