Guatapé – Day 1 : lake view and thunderstorm

Howdy !

As you’ve no doubt guessed (if you read the headlines), we’re in Guatapé !

In the early afternoon, it was sunny (so we waited until it got cloudy to take photos…). But of course it ended with a lighting storm !

Today wasn’t as interesting as other days. We spent part of the morning in bed (to enjoy our great bed in Medellin until the end 😉 ). Then we went to grab a mini HDMI converter in an electronic shop (we often have a TV in our room, so now we can watch our shows on big screens !).

We left Medellin from the north terminal to go to Guatapé, about 2 hours to the south-west (now is when you notice the awesome map widget we have !). We thought it would be an easy ride (it’s often flat near lakes) but no, it was still quite windy near the end.

And we had to hurry out of the bus a bit before Guatapé, in front of a restaurant, because of stomach problems (we’ll keep our dignity and say no more…). So we ended up eating in said restaurant, which had a great view on a part of the lake and the Piedra, a big rock that you can climb to get a nice view on the surrounding area (we’ll keep the 740 stairs for when we feel more in shape !).

On the rock there’s a big G and half an U painted in white (Hollywood style). The two towns nearby, Guatapé and El Peñol, have always fought over which town should have the rock. One day a few guys from Guatapé thought painting “Guatapé” in huge white letters on the rock would make it theirs. But of course, as it’s not very discreet, so the guys from El Peñol stopped them at about the half of the U. We suppose nobody took the time to erase the first letter and a half since then.

After lunch we took a camioneta to Guatapé, were we chilled out a bit in our hostel. For now we’ve just seen the town quickly, but it seems nice and full of colors. It is very touristy on week-end, but very calm in the week (but that doesn’t stop the restaurants from actively seeking out clients !).

Even the electric boxes are painted !

Speaking of restaurant, we ate at a very good vegetarian restaurant (to change a bit from the standard chicken and rice … although we still had rice), and the background music was french rap ! One of the guys from the restaurant is doing parkour, and listens to french rap to get in the mood (even though he probably doesn’t understands much of the lyrics).

That’s all for today. Tomorrow we’ll probably travel to a small farm near Alejandria to work there for a few days. We’re not sure we’ll get internet there (internet was already down this afternoon in quite a few towns, including Guatapé, because of yesterday’s storm). So the blog might not get updated for a few days (don’t worry, we’ll come back with a lot of new stories to tell you !).