Esteli – Day 2 : street art and organization

Today we had planned to get to a remote village with nice hiking trails and cheese making skills

This is not a cheese producing village!

But there is only one bus per day to get there, and it’s at 6:30am, and we’re pretty far away from the bus terminal. But you don’t really have a choice, we asked around to see if hitch-hiking was possible, but were told there is not enough traffic because it’s really remote.

So went the alarm went off at 5:30am, we weren’t really up for it. Actually, we weren’t ready to do it at all, so we went back to sleep. We’ll go there tomorrow 😉 . So today we mainly visited Esteli and organized the rest of the trip.

For the organization part, it’s weird for us to (almost) know where we’ll be every night until the end of the trip. But as we fly from Managua in a week, we can’t really make the usual unplanned detours (ok, we might make a small detour, but you’ll see later!).

One of Esteli’s main street

For the visiting the city part, there’s not much to see here (besides a recently painted cathedral). It’s a lot like Matagalpa : a big town surrounded by farms and national parcs. This town does seem more lively and loud than Matagalpa, with more stores and advertising billboards.

What we liked the most here are the mural paintings you can find in several places. Some of them were done by the local schools. And it’s really cool to see so many colored drawings where it could just have been gray walls. Here are a bunch of photos of them.

The super big panorama that makes your computer lag!

Tonight we went to the movies, to see Justice League. We were glad to be in a theater again, but the movie wasn’t really that great (ok, the fact that you could hear the next room’s movie didn’t help 😉 ).

That’s all for today, tomorrow we’ll try to get up earlier !

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