Safe and sound in Quito !

Phew, what a day, it felt like forever ! It’s quite early here, barely 8:30 pm, but we’ve been up and about since 23 hours (ok, during 14 of them we were sitting in planes). We spoke plenty of Spanish, were in the middle of a bus race in the winding roads from the airport and had a great panoramic view of the city from another bus (to be fair, almost any bus ride offers a panoramic view here, due to the land layout).

The people here are friendly, the city seems nice and the hostel looks really cool. Everything’s fine, but we need to sleep now !

Colonial House Quito

Travel Tip :

From the airport, the taxis charge over 20$ to get to the city center. If you’re on a budget like us, find the flashy green bus and its nice driver that will take you to the Rio Coca terminal for 2$. From there you can get a city bus to the city center, the fare is only 25 cents (but you need to ask a bit around, because the only map of the bus network isn’t helpful at all) !

All in all, it took us 2 hours to get from the Airport to the Colonial House Hostal near the historic center, but cost was only 2.25$ each.