Chiriqui – Day 3 : rivers and caves

Today, we played Indiana Jones again, but we are not claiming it this time, it’s the title of the game !

First, like in the old times in the jungles, here’s a bug collection.

Our hostel organizes games, like treasure hunts, in the little jungle patch around. There are two, the firsts explores the forest around, and the second takes place on the hostel property. We started yesterday morning, going on the trails. The clues took us on the regular path, where we stopped at panoramic points, swimmable spots, a majestic hollow tree and so on… It is really nice to have this little riddle waiting for you when you arrive somewhere cool, even if you would have gotten there anyway, it is a nice touch and it makes us follow a funny map with absurd names (which are all potential answers to the riddles).


After finding all the clues, taking a bath, jumping in a deep pool from a big rock and water-sliding in rapids (for Ben), we crossed at a ford that was more flooded than usual because of the recent rains. If you followed, we changed into bathing suits for swimming, got dressed again, got to the crossing, undressed again, got across, got dressed again (at least to have shoes on for the remaining walk)). After the clues, we doubled back, undressed again to cross, and got dressed again. And that’s when it started pouring (it had been drizzling on and off for a while). We still needed one and a half hour to get back and we witnessed numerous rivers being born under our feet in that time, on the paths, at the bottom of trees… We got skull massages when the drops got bigger and were really happy that we had our Hogwarts sexy rain gear (see old articles about that).

We arrived at the hostel around 4, and it was a big relief to put everything to dry. Our shoes are now 3 times heavier and aren’t even close to being dry soon seeing the ambient humidity. The rain went on all night (which didn’t prevent us to win 3rd place in the Foosball tournament, by an incomprehensible phenomenon). The last clues will have to be found around the hostel tomorrow, if the rain stops !

Kisses to you all, may the wisdom of the majestic tree guide you !