Chiriqui – Day 2 : welcome to the jungle

Today was our first day in the Panamanian jungle, and it was a pretty lazy day.

The hostel is pretty nice, with several buildings in the middle of the jungle linked by small paths and stone stairs. The only drawback is that its far from any shop. But it does sell some ingredients for cooking, and also has set meals, with a great “jungle bowl” for breakfast (mainly yogurt, cereal and fruits). At breakfast we even saw 2 monkeys climbing up a tree less than 10m away from the hostel’s terrace!

We were thinking about doing one of the treasure hunts around the hostel today, but it kind of poured all day, so now we’re up to date on the blog and in our accounting. We also took the opportunity to talk with other travelers. The hostel is big and spacious enough to accommodate a lot of travelers (even though the dorm does get crowded). So it’s really nice in the common area, where you can talk to people from everywhere in the word.

At lunch we showed them the extent of our cooking talent (so spaghetti and tomato sauce). And for dinner we amazed them with our great soup and omelette combo. But in our defense, even though we can by some stuff here, the ingredients are quite limited (and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a decent olive oil or even thyme!).

In the evening it’s party time in the hostel’s bar, which is really cool (and has a happy hour from 8 to 9). The available games range from the usual Foosball to the more rare giant Jenga tower. It’s also at night that Rocky, the local kinkajou living here, comes alive (and so you can pet him 🙂 ).

So, yes, not much to say today. But tomorrow we’re definitely doing a treasure hunt and we’ll tell you all about our adventures!

P.S : Cultural info point. The last dictator of Panama, Noriega, was ousted by a U.S invasion in 1989 (which left 2000 civilians dead and tens of thousands homeless… so much for soft power!). During the invasion, Noriega took refuge in the Vatican embassy. As the U.S army didn’t want to invade the embassy (you know, just in case it gets you to hell…). So to get Noriega out, they just blasted loud rock music (including “Welcome to the Jungle”, not very God-approved) non stop for several days towards the embassy. Eventually the diplomatic personal threw Noriega out !

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