Bocas del Toro – Day 2 : TV shows and cleaning

Today we did absolutely nothing!

Alright, it’s not true, we did do some stuff, but we also did watch a few episodes, so we don’t have much to tell. What we can tell you is that the local food stores are called “chinos”, and that indeed only Chinese people seem to own them.

So this morning we were at the Chinese to buy some food (because we didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast). As expected, prices are high (well, we’re on an island after all…). But there are also some traps! For example, we bought some pineapple marmalade, but actually couldn’t use it for breakfast. We didn’t see it at the shop, but the ingredients include vinegar, cloves and mustard, because it’s supposed to be used on roasted pork! And yes, we do think this is absolutely barbaric 😉.

Luckily, we also had bought some cornflakes, so we didn’t have to cook ourselves a pork roast for breakfast. We also bought a few basic items to cook easy meals, so that we won’t have to move our asses from our superb jungle cabin to eat.

This afternoon we managed to clean the kitchen, because the appliances date back to the fifties, but the place probably hadn’t seen a broom since then either! The task was a bit complicated because there was a power outage most of the afternoon, and we’re running on rain water here, so no power means no pump which means no water!

We were also distracted by some kids form the nearby school that came to get some of the very ripe cacao fruits that grow near our cabin. They were very nice, and at 11 years old they already natively speak their home dialect, but also fluently speak Spanish and are starting to have a reasonable English level. It does seem English is more taught here than in other places we’ve been. But I guess as the island mostly lives from foreign tourism, it does make sense.

Small drawing from Alice for those of you who don’t know the cacao fruit very well (only in French, sorry).

They did give us some of their findings, and we found out that it’s actually quite complicated to open the fruits with your hands to get to the beans. So of course, we cheated, we used our pocket knife 😉. The beans are currently drying, and we’ll roast them tomorrow and let you know how they taste!

Let’s hope they will taste good!

Well that’s all I guess. It’s raining now, so the water reserves are being replenished, and we’re eating on the roofed terrace from the cabin while enjoying a cold beer 😊.

See you tomorrow for more adventures!

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