Getting prepared !

Ben dort dans l'herbe.

Between the last days on the job and booking our first hostel, we thought we should leave a written (and photographic) trace of our (very soon) upcoming trip.

So now is when we start panicking and get of our arses to organize all this shit (as you can see on the post photo 😉 )

So we decided to write a blog. To appease our worried mothers and show off in front of our friends, but also as a change from our usual worned and scribbled notebooks, often forgotten/lost as soon as we get home (Yes, Czech Republic, Italy, we’re thinking of you and all the adventures stuck somewhere under a pile of junk).

Thus we will try to work hard to keep you posted on where we are and what we’re doing, and we’ll also be documenting our culinary discoveries and commenting our progress in mastering the spanish language.

Hoping this blog will be to you a good and more interesting alternative to lazying on facebook at work…

Lots of love,

Alice and Ben

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