Ometepe – Day 2 : bus and volcanoes

Today, we changed volcanoes!

We started wit a quick breakfast and bag packing (we’re real pros now!) in time to catch one of the rare buses heading to the southern part of the island. While we were busy packing, a small lizard came to keep us company 🙂 .

The bus was one one the traditional “chicken bus” you find in Nicaragua : old American school buses, often with logos painted over the original yellow, with a luggage rack on the roof. The one we had today had had new seats installed, which left us more leg room than the one from yesterday and its original kid-sized seats!

After about an hour and a half (for like 28km, but the bus does make a few detours and stops), we were dropped of not too far from our hostel. As it’s located on one of the trail going up to the Maderas volcano, it did take us a good 15min uphill hike to reach it out of breath 😉 .

Mmmh, this grilled fish is good!

Luckily they serve meals up there, so we filled up en the middle of the lush garden its great view over the Conception volcano (where we were this morning, for those who don’t follow!). Meanwhile a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds were flying just a couple meters from us, and even if we’ve seen a lot of them during this trip, we’re still not tired of them.

The Conception volcano

In the afternoon we wanted to hike down to the village of Santa Cruz. We passed a few isolated houses and after a while arrived at the village of Balguë, much further than where we wanted to go. Turns out Santa Cruz was the bunch of isolated houses! Well, doesn’t matter, we got plenty of nice views of the two volcanoes.

The Maderas volcano

Tonight we ate at the hostel again, and even if it was dark, we had some beautiful views of the Conception volcano thanks to a far away storm who showed is its silhouette over yellow-orangy skies. Sorry we don’t have photos, but it’s impossible to take photos of lighting with a smartphone (we did try a video, but it was also too slow 😉 ).

So, that’s all for today, more news tomorrow (and maybe a photo of Ben, who knows ? :p ).

P.S : a small photo of the local blue bird. We’ll try to shoot better ones in the next days.