Liberia – Day 1 : a city, a movie

Today, we got closer to the Nicaraguan border.

Since the road will be long to our next point for visiting and adventuring, we decided to split it into two and stop for the night in Liberia, a province capital. So got up late, took our time, and then took a bus. We had traveled through Liberia on the way to Tamarindo, and it’s on the way to Nicaragua anyway, but there is not much to see there. We arrived at the end of the afternoon, all sweaty and dusty, and proceeded to our installation ritual (showering – shopping for next breakfast – drawing money if needed – fresh beverage). Then we had a few drinks at the next hostel with some other frenchies we had met on the bus. Then we succumbed and went, for the third times in this trip, to the movies.

It really is comforting to find the same posters, same sugary stuff, popcorns (we don’t buy them but still), advertisement and seats in every movie theater. We always find it hard to get there and find the timetables and the non-dubbed movies, but it really reminds us of our habits in Toulouse and it really feels good (and it’s about once a month so not that much). So we saw Thor, and are packed with special effects and hollywood stereotypes for the upcoming month, before the next Star Wars.


Liberia is not very pretty but not ugly either, there was a band in a park and the people were nice (we find everyone nice when we travel). The american owner of our hostel was super helpful and there were coloring books near the hammocks.

Tomorrow morning, we are getting up early for a long day of transport to Ometepe island. But that’s tomorrow !

PS : we are a bit late, so we are actually writing this from Ometepe, but now I’m giving the computer to Ben so he can write the next post !