Chiriqui – Day 4 : Muddy Clues

Today, it stopped raining, but it’s still quite muddy around here!

And it’s still really foggy. We were eventually thinking about making a detour to Boquete, higher up in the mountains, because there a volcano you can climb on with a 360° view over both atlantic and pacific ocean.

But that’s only by clear sky days, and the weather around here isn’t going to improve in the next days, so we’ll probably jump directly to Bocas del Toro to tan our lazy asses on the beach 😉 . And we’re also already at half-trip, so we do need to get going.

This morning we managed to finish the Indiana Jones treasure hunt (good thing the last part was only on hostel grounds, because we were to lazy to do the uphill hike again :p). And as we’re so good, we won a free snack by deciphering the “ancient” petroglyph telling the story of the lost gold of the “Valle de la Mina”.

An ancient petroglyph

After a very British lunch (canned beans, sausages and eggs, we make do with what we have!), we did the Sherlock Holmes treasure hunt, based more on enigmas than hiking (so yes, we didn’t leave the hostel ground today!).

At one point we were stuck because one of the clue is hard to see without a black light, and apparently the black light has been “lost”. But as the clue is in the bar’s mezzanine, supposedly the reading place (more likely the shagging place), it’s more than likely that a black light up here is a bad idea (unless you’re a Jackson Pollock fan). So I guess the black light’s disappearance was no coincidence :p

One of the clues, but don’t tell the others !

We did manage to finish the hunt, so we did win a shot at the bar. As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been writing the last articles the next morning. This is mainly because we’re up at the bar every night, so we’re too lazy to write the articles afterwards 😉

So, that’s all for today. More news in the next post (we’ll try to write it tonight this time!).

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    1. Ici c’est surtout bière et rum-coca. On peut trouver des cocktails, mais c’est plus pour les touristes. Les locaux ils font dans le simple 😉

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