Bocas del Toro – Day 5 : paperwork

Edito : Urgh ! We forgot to post last night ! Text was ready but just didn’t push the big red button… Sorry !

Today, we took care of boring stuff that had to be done, but interests no one. For example, we applied for ESTA, which is the authorization for entering US territory. It should be asked for as much in advance as possible, preferably before buying plane tickets, and costs 14$ per person.

It’s funny because now, we have biometric passports, we don’t need Visas anymore since are electronically trackable. But it wasn’t funny anymore, so they invented ESTA. That, or the American immigrations officers were jealous of all their colleague around the world who get kickbacks so they are making it official and payable online, please use banking cards or Paypal (by the way, well played Paypal for having become an official means of payment for the US government, Elon Musk is definitely in fashion these days).

We also did some laundry, informed ourselves about our next destinations (we’re past the half of the trip now), and did some accounting. Tonight we also ate in a nice restaurant, serving incredible fish, for example marinated in ginger and lemon with coco-fried veggies and coco-milk rice (coco is everywhere around here, but it also grows like a weed and fall on the floor when ripe, so really convenient !). If coco oil wasn’t so expensive in Europe, we should all start to use it more, cause it’s delicious, healthy and prevents the no-see-um from biting, these sandflies that bite your ankles and drink your blood, leaving your legs itchy and red.

On this charming note, see you tomorrow ! X

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  1. “Quand on a fait 9/10 du chemin on n’a fait que la moitié du chemin” dit le sage chinois. Bon ! le jour fatidique est venu de te souhaiter,Alice, un joyeux hallow pardon , anniversaire! Plein de bisous pour toi et une solide poignée de main pour l’ami Ben.

  2. A j+ 1..quoique avec le décalage on y est presque je te souhaite un TRES bon anniversaire et que ta 26 ème soit pleine d’émerveillements et de joie de vivre comme c’est le cas en ce moment.
    Et en plus vous arrivez à vous régaler les papilles. Livre de recettes au retour!

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